09 August 2016

Dear Sir/Madam

I am currently enrolled in the University of Freiburg for Master’s degree in Computer Science where my major focus is on Machine learning and AI. So all the courses which I took are somewhat related to this field.

I took courses like AI planning, Machine learning, Human-oriented robotics and also did my master project with Machine Learning department. I mainly worked on C++, PCL, OpenCV and Caffe. I worked with ML department where we are applying deep learning, Kalman Filter and SLAM algorithms, I am also planning to do my Master thesis in this area.I also took one course related to Big Data so I have little bit knowledge about it also and in the last semester I also took lab course which help me to enhance my C++,OpenCV skills and ability to apply supervised learning algorithms on real data which was one of the unique experience for me.

I was previously employed by a USA based company NetSol Technologies, as a Software Engineer for past 2.5 years where I mainly worked on web technologies like JQuery, JavaScript, PHP and ASP.Net. The main motivation to apply is to get deeper knowledge about Machine Learning and its implementation in real life scenarios.

Right now, I want to become a part of your any on-going project where I can put my existing skills to good use and learn new things so, in future I can play a key role in your research projects and innovate new things in this field. Please feel free to contact me anytime or to arrange a meeting at your convenience.

Your Sincerely